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Monday, March 30, 2009
1:10 PM
I have been receiving different kinds of calls at work...
all kinds...that you can think of...

sometimes , i got impatient ,
sometimes , i felt like shouting my lungs out ,
sometimes , i chose to listen to them..
sometimes , i even give advices....

it made me wonder if i face problems in life , would i give myself
the same advices? be able to calm myself ? control my temper?
I doubt so ... but all i can do now is to ask God to give me strength to help me.

piggy has been back from taipei for a week now,
I missed her.
i remember ... when we were friends , we can talk freely ,
with whatever tones we wish , whatever words we wanna use...
without taking much considering of how it may make the other party feel..
or maybe it just didnt matter as much cos we didnt take what we said to heart that much...

but now , with the deeper attachment with one another ,
I realise , we couldnt talk carelessly or anyhow use words ...

Any forms of communication from me to her ,
has to be taken thoughtfully and carefully.

I didnt know a word said out of anger would hurt her this much ,
I didnt know an impatient tone would affect her that much ,
it makes me understand myself more,
makes me want to try my best to improve not mainly for her
but for myself to be better , more Christ-like. ..

I thank God for this sweet courtship!!! I am truly enjoying every part of it ,
it is not just a ' i love you , you love me' thing ,
but a pruning process ,
learning to bring glory to Him.

I attended my new cell group with new cell leaders!
refreshed , and excited to see what God has in store for us
through the missionary ( as our cell leader ) ,

My 21st Birthday 4th April !
not sure what to plan for my party ,
...abit lost...hahas ,
maybe i should just sit back and relax
and wait for people to surprise me or something...
mmm....really dunno what to expect ,
just hope everyone would enjoy themselves ,
wont get bored...

my 21st bday wish? mmmm....let me think about it....:p

Lkite Ne

Friday, March 06, 2009
12:12 PM

works has been tiring these two weeks ,
and it's stealing my sleep away !

But I give thanks to God still
for the two days rest at home after two days of shift works!
It allows me to spend more time with God, with myself :)

I am killing my brain cells on what to do on my 21 st bday party …
mmm… feel like having a small k box area so that people can sing …
(At least they got something to do than just sit and eat…) hahas
But still not sure, see how : p mummy treating me!

I am still stuck in Matthew :(
have not been consistent in reading the word of God,
faster faster faster wake up ! and be diligent!

Preparing WORD for this Sunday’s cell …
Jja you! And may God grant me wisdom

Lkite Ne

Monday, February 09, 2009
3:57 PM
First month of 2009 has passed...oh, what have I done for the very first start of 2009?
hahas I guess I didn't really purposefully go and reflect about it...

I finally had my POP after months of trainings , missed my peeps at camp :)
thanks to daddy and mummy and Tina for being there to see my saying goodbye ,
throwing my hat, celebrating the last day at camp...

I was uncertain of the posting I have got...a little regret of the little effort
and lack of prayers & seeking before posting...right now , I am learning to
submit to God...

Seeking for His will for my next step...trying to be clear minded on what I want to do
rather than following the flows , accepting whatever comes my way and thinking ..
that must be God's will while I did not even seek Him !

Applied for Uni...not even so sure what course I shall study! guess I need to
start working on my future goal.

whatever it is , God is molding me everyday.

My little blur girl took a wrong train direction home after dance ,
and when I finally met her ... she looked like a philipino maid! in her
grey tops and dancing pants..hahas ..SO CUTE! :P

We just finished reading Matthew! going on to Mark!
hoping this year , we will take a more serious note on our
growth with God!

Vday is coming ... !

'' there is no fear in love , but perfect love drives out fear...'' ~ 1 John 4 : 18

Lkite Ne

Sunday, November 16, 2008
10:50 PM
hello hello !
It's been real long since Mr Tan visited his own blog !

He is going through and adjusting his new stage of life - NS..
wells...definitely face unexpected stress and people with all sorts of characters.

But Thank God ! Because He is SO GOOD TO Mr Tan!
Mr Tan beleives that in every situation God has placed him in ,
there is a purpose ...a reason..
which , though , is often realised afterward,it is still good for Mr Tan's growth.

Mr Tan misses his beloved girl... :(
Guess its a period of time when the two piggys being tested
and learning to walk hand in hand together
quarrels , challenges might come in ,
but what's so difficult for God?
Mr Tan is trusting God for strength and wisdom
to lead this beautiful relationship with his sweet girl.
Jia you! '' we can do it ''

Many must have so wanted to see Mr Botak Tan ....
He looks just as handsome!!!!
and charming of course.

good night!

Pray for Mr Tan's health and spiritual growth.

Lkite Ne

Tuesday, December 18, 2007
3:40 AM
I’m back again after so long.. the songs by Olivia is making mi feeling all emo rather then happy. I guess the number of times I repeated her songs are uncountable… I’m really awe struck that how God has been planting people in my lives even when my capacity of loving people is so small. i miss people easily and I don show it tru actions but underneath mi my heart is. Whenever the familiar music is played, the familiar place I’m at, the familiar things I’m doing, all the past good and bad memory will slowly drift out of my memory. Its hard for mi to adapt to changes in my life but life always have to go on even when the most scariest thing happen. Be bold be strong yong jie. Another year is gonna past, looking back at last year I’ve got so many thanksgiving that God brought me through with his abundant grace and love. From simple things to things that make me cry, God is making himself so real in my life and no one can testify to it only mi the person that experience it. Looking back at this year my life is just like a sine wave, the lowest point- where I’m hurt, lost, angry, confuse, struggling, emo. And the highest point- where I’m loved, joyful, laughing madly, carefree, relieve!!! From a quote from forrest gump: life is like a box of chocolate, you never know wad you gonna get next. God din create us to be like a robot only doing good things that pleases him, but he gave everyone a choice of freedom. To choose right or wrong, good or bad making one’s life so colourful. Moving on to the next phrase of life is indeed challenging and scary. Shall stop thinking abt it, just live everyday happily enjoying the time spend with the wonderful friends and family around me and of course God my heavenly father, shepherd and friend. =) tschus!..

Lkite Ne

Tuesday, October 16, 2007
12:43 AM
I always never get the chance to blog something immediately. Everytime when i seriously wanted to blog sth, it sort of drag and drag..until a few days later.. Thats kinda weird, issit my habit of dragging???.. nvm.
Anw, i experienced the life of a kampong boy last sat. The birthday girl held her birthday at her ah-ma's bunglow at ponggol, so ulu until the transport to reach the place is taxi. ha. The journey of a kampong boy begins when her bro brought mi to to collect green muscles out in the sea.. Gosh, it only seem dangerous after i heard his dad said many ppl were drown down there..Thank God we took a styrofoam box to put the mussles and it acted as a float for both of us. if not i think by the time i reach the mussles i'll be exhausted. When we reached the mussles, haha the waves are pulling us away and after a while i was told to swim back shore, at 1st i thot y cant pluck some and put inside the box? we already swam so far. But after we swam on shore he told mi he felt that the wave is getting big and unsual,its better to be safe then to risk.It was an experience i think i'm gonna take home with mi..ha.he caught a cute little jellyfish and it look just like yang chen ling's hair. Thats not the end, we then went to the mangrove swarm to look for soil crabs, haa din know they can be eaten. Din really went into the swarm as its high tide, but caught an unlucky soil crab for being so obvious to us. haha. the oldern days kids always catch those 'long kang' fish, and i had a 1st hand experience too. A bamboo is used to hit the water so that the fishes will swim away from it, but they don know they are swimming towards a net.haha, we got a real big catch.. hundreds or so.. poor fishes. Oh, i also got the know the technic to draw water from a well. humm... its not as easy as i thot.. the well is so small and the buket is so tall. but all it need is technic.=) It seem that i was only 9 rather then 19 in the whole afternoon, kumpong boy.^_^. I think many kids now have already lost the fun child-hood the kids in the past had. Now is like the virtual world, everything is so unreal, fake, thus if i got a chance i would retire in the moutains where i will enjoy the nature, God's creation.

Lkite Ne

Thursday, October 04, 2007
12:44 AM
Through It All. A song sang by hillsong. last week it has been played many times on my mp3 player even though its at random mode and sang it during worship again. How coincident it could be. But throughout the week i've been thinking and asking God y HE kept reminding me of the song. Finally the quest has come to a stop. Today's SM meeting was the answer to it.. We went through the meaning of LOVE, which is 1Corinthians 13:4-7. Suddenly it strucked me that the lyrics of the song coincides with the verses, which talks about LOVE. The song talks about our love to God because HE is faithful and will never forsake us through any storm or downfall in our lives. God is love.

Through It All- Hillsong

You are forever in my life
You see me through the seasons
Cover me with Your hand
And lead me in Your righteousness
And I look to You
And I wait on You
I will sing to You, Lord
A hymn of love
For Your faithfulness to me
Im carried in everlasting arms
Youll never let me go
Through it all
Hallelujah, hallelujah

Lkite Ne

name: yong jie
age: always 18
love God, friends and family!!!
i wish to be tanned
i wish to touch REAL snow
i wish to stay on high mountains
i wish to be a cheerful BOY this year!! =)
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